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Ancient Hawaiian *LomiLomi*~Massage

!For Women Only !


It is my great pleasure to offer you {=ONLY to FEMALE BODY~TEMPLES!} this veeeery soothing and eeeextra special Sacred Art of *LOMI LOMI* originating in Hawaii: one of the most ancient, super-pamper-relaxing yet revitalising MASSAGE practices, honouring and celebrating this physical existence in this earthly realm... Would you like to totally indulge and treat yourself to this much deserved supreme blissful PRESENT? Go for it -- you won't regret it!!

~ ~~ ~~~  ALOHA  ~~~ ~~ ~

Prices Overview:  ~*~ £35.00 for 45 mins 

                                   ~*~ £45.00 for   1  hour                                     ~*~ £55.00 for 80 mins 

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