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Intuitive Animal Communication & Healing ~*~

From petsitting to dogwalking, from animal communication to gentle healing with the Universal Life Force that is *REIKI* name it; as an Empath full of compassion and with a sense of understanding energies intuitively and "reading in between the lines", I always feel honored, blessed and excited to work closer with *Mother Nature* via our furry, fourlegged or -in fact- any types of animal friends who share this amazing planet! I am always in awe and in deepest gratitude to be of help. So please do not hesitate and simply contact me if you wish any helpful advice for more clarity with your beloved 'other' fellow companions.

Prices are flexible depending on individual cases or the nature of the service needed. Generally I offer animal support/healing/communication for £30 for the first hour and £5/per each additional 15mins...

But don't be shy and request more information from me as I am here for you!

For all online readings & other general purchases it is superduper easy to send the agreed payment via PayPal here below or on any page where you can see the /Buy Now/-buttons! Various options are available...  ~*~  And if for example you aren't satisfied with a Reading, you only pay the basic fee (=time) and will get the rest of your money back of course!  (^_^)

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